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Q:  Do you have to clean it regularly?  If so, how?

A:  Yes, you should clean your Complexion Cleansing Brush after every use to prevent residue build-up and bacteria.  The Cleansing Brush is water-resistant (the silicone body is waterproof), however, it should never be submerged underwater.  Run warm water over your brush and clean between the bristles with warm soapy water.  Rinse the Cleansing Brush and pat dry with a towel or lent-free cloth.  Make sure the Cleansing Brush is dry before putting it back on its charger/stand. 

Q:  What is the difference in the front and back sides of the Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A:  The Complexion Cleansing Brush has two sides.  The bristles on the same side as the power button is for gentle cleansing.  The bristles on the back are designed to be used on your t-zone area and any facial areas that need a deeper clean.

 Q:  What is the difference between your Complexion Cleansing Brush and other face brushes on the market?

A:  Most facial cleansing brushes on the market today have rotating brush heads.  Most of these brushes are battery powered where our Cleansing Brush is rechargeable.  The rotating brushes are very hard to thoroughly clean, therefore providing a breeding ground for bacteria.  The Complexion Cleansing Brush is made of silicone and has small bristles, so it is waterproof and can be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.  Also, instead of rotating, the Cleansing Brush works on a sonic vibration technology which makes is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin.   

Q:  What facial cleanser products do I use with the Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A:  We recommend using a facial cleansing foam, gel, or liquid.  To keep your brush in optimal condition, avoid using clay-based, grainy, or silicone-based cleansers as they may damage the silicone touch-points. 

Q:  How do I power my Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A:  1) Attach the USB cord to the back of the charging base.  Plug the USB into a reliable power source.     2) Place the Cleansing Brush into the charging base, making sure the metal contacts on the bottom touch.    3) The colored line on the base will light up while charging.  The Cleansing Brush is fully charged once the light turns off.   4) The battery takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.  Once fully charged, it can run continuously for up to 5 hours.  So that means you have approximately 100 uses on a full charge!   5) After charging, store the charging base in a dry, ventilated place away from water.

 Q: How do I turn on my Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A: 1) Turn the Cleansing Brush on by pressing the power button on the front.  The brush will automatically start at the medium speed setting.  There are two faster and two slower speeds you can choose from.  Use the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust.    2) Turn off the Cleansing Brush by pressing the same power button.    

Q:  Is the Complexion Cleansing Brush waterproof?  Can I use it in the shower?

A:  Yes, the brush body is waterproof and can be use in the shower.  However, once you are finished cleansing your skin and/or washing the brush touch points, make sure to rinse and dry the brush thoroughly.  The brush should never be submerged in water. 

Q:  Can I use the Complexion Cleansing Brush to remove my makeup?

A:  The Complexion Cleansing Brush is meant to cleanse the skin.  We recommend that you remove your makeup before using the Cleansing Brush.  This will ensure a better and deeper clean. 

Q:  Can I use the Complexion Cleansing Brush if I have eczema, acne, or other skin conditions?

A:  The Complexion Cleansing Brush is meant to cleanse the skin.  While it can help with acne and possibly other skin conditions, we recommend that if you have a serious skin condition, you should consult a dermatologist before using the Cleansing Brush. 

Q:  How often should I use the Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A:  The Complexion Cleansing Brush can be used 1-2 times a day, AM and PM, with your cleanser.  We suggest adjusting the power intensity to suit your preference.

 Q:  Can I charge the Complexion Cleansing Brush in the charging base while the brush is wet or damp?

A:  Please make sure that the Complexion Cleansing Brush is completely dry before charging or placing it in the charging base.  Dry the brush head with a clean towel or lint-free cloth, then leave it out for a few hours in a cool dry place before placing it in the charging base. 

Q:  Do I use the Complexion Cleansing Brush dry or wet?

A:  Using the Complexion Cleansing Brush dry may cause skin irritation.  Dampen your face and the brush head with water and apply your favorite cleanser to your face or the brush.  Be sure to use plenty of cleanser and water to avoid skin irritation. 

Q:  Why won’t my Complexion Cleansing Brush turn on?

A:  Make sure the Complexion Cleansing Brush has had an adequate amount of time to charge.  The light on the charging base will be on when it is charging, and the light will turn off when it is fully charged.  If the Complexion Cleansing Brush still will not turn on, there could be an issue with the cable, device itself, or the power source used.  Try using a different power source such as a laptop, power bank, or wall adapter/outlet.  If your Complexion Cleansing Brush still doesn’t turn on or barely turns on, email us at and provide your Order ID as well as your shipping information. 

Q:  Why is my Complexion Cleansing Brush not working properly?

A:  Your Complexion Cleansing Brush could be out of power or have a low battery.  Please be sure to recharge your Cleansing Brush.  If after charging, you are still having issues, email us at

Q:  What does the Complexion Treatment Wand do?

A:  The Complexion Treatment Wand is a non-invasive facial treatment device that you can use at home or ANYWHERE!  It uses LED light therapy, RF therapy, EMS therapy, and heated vibration to improve a vast array of skin concerns and issues.  The wand helps treat acne and blemishes, skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, just to name a few.  It promotes blood and lymph circulation and stimulates cell and tissue regeneration which in return promotes healthy, youthful, improved skin!

Q:  Which LED light is good for what skin issue?

-Acne: Blue light

-Lines, wrinkles, aging: Red light

 -Skin balancer.  Helps with oil production and moisture production: Green light

-Skin soother.  Reduces stress and skin tension: Cyan light

-Redness reducer.  Helps with inflammation and rosacea: Yellow light

-Skin cell rejuvenation.  Helps with lymphatic drainage and cell regeneration: Purple light

-All around wellness and relaxation: White light

*NOTE:  The flashing white light is used for relaxation and increased product absorption.


Q:  Can I use this wand if I have acne, eczema, or another skin condition?

A:  The Complexion Treatment Wand is great for a wide range of skin concerns, and there are certain LED light settings that help with certain skin issues, but we recommend that you see a dermatologist if you have questions about a serious skin issue.


Q:  How often should I use the treatment wand?

A:  It is recommended to use the Complexion Treatment Wand at least 3x per week.  However, it can be used every day, just make sure to allow 24 hours in between sessions.


Q:  How long do I use the treatment wand?

A:  The recommended session time for the Complexion Treatment Wand is 10-15 minutes.  There is an automatic shut-off at the 15 minute mark.


Q:  Can I use more than one LED light setting per session?  And can I do more than one session at time?

A:  Yes, you can absolutely use multiple lights per session.  This will allow you to get a wider range of benefits from your treatment.

-You can do up to 2 sessions in a row.  Just make sure to not use the same LED light setting for both sessions. 


Q:  Do I need to clean my Complexion Treatment Wand?  And if so, how?

A:  Yes, the wand head needs to be cleaned after every use.  Wipe down the wand head with a clean, dry cotton pad or towel.  Q-tips are also helpful at cleaning inside the lamp panels.  Wiping down the wand head with rubbing alcohol occasionally is also recommended to keep it free of bacteria.  The wand body is not waterproof so please do not wash the wand with water or submerge it.


Q:  Do I need a special charger for the Complexion Treatment Wand?

A:  The Complexion Treatment Wand comes with a USB charging chord.


Q:  Is there a way to turn some of the wand functions off during my treatment sessions?

A:  When the wand is turned on, the blue LED light is on automatically, as well as the RF function, EMS function, and vibrating function.  The LED light can be changed to your preferred setting and it can also be turned off by pressing the LED/Vibration button until you get to the preferred setting.  The RF and EMS functions stay on constantly and cannot be turned off.  The vibration can be turned off by pressing and holding the LED/Vibration button for 2-3 seconds.


Q:  Do I need to use a serum or a gel with the wand, or can an oil be used?

A:  Using a water-based moisturizer, serum, or gel is recommended.  A conductive gel is even better.  Using something water based will ensure the best connection between RF electrodes and the skin.  Sometimes oils are too thick and will not allow the conduction to take place.


Q:  Are there certain products I can’t use with this wand?

A:  Using a water-based moisturizer, serum, or oil is recommended.  Treatment serums like hyaluronic serum/gel or can also be used.  Avoid using this device if you are on Accutane.  Also, if you are using retinol, please apply it at a separate time and do not use it during a session.


Q:  Is this wand safe to use around the eyes?

A:  The Complexion Treatment Wand is noninvasive and gentle so it can be used around the eye area.  However, placing it directly on your lid is not recommended.  Be sure to close your eyes when you are around your undereye and brow area.


Q:  Is there supposed to be a stinging or static electricity feel when using the wand?

A:  Yes, the metal surfaces release micro-currents to help with product absorption.  This micro-current sensation can be felt especially when using a water-based product, which is recommended.  Some skin redness is completely normal and will go away shortly after the treatment session is over.  Try to avoid using the wand for longer than the recommended 15 minute session length (or 2 sessions can be done if using different LED lights) to avoid skin irritation.


Q:  Can the Complexion Treatment Wand be used anywhere on the body?

A:  The Complexion Treatment Wand is specifically designed to be used on the face and neck.


Q:  At what point during your skincare routine should the wand be used?

A:  You need to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin before using the Treatment Wand.  The Complexion Treatment Wand can be used with a treatment serum after cleansing the skin and before applying night cream OR it can be used with your night cream as your last skincare step for the night.

Example 1: 1-remove makeup, 2-Cleanse skin, 3-Apply toner (if used), 4-Apply serum/gel and use the Treatment Wand, 5-Apply night cream

Example  2: 1-Remove makeup, 2-Cleanse skin, 3-Apply toner (if used), 4-Apply treatment serum/gel, 5-Apply night cream and use the Treatment Wand


Q:  Is the Complexion Treatment Wand safe to use during pregnancy?

A:  As a precaution, we do not recommend using the Complexion Treatment Wand if you are pregnant.


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