About Us

SJ Complexion was created by sisters...twin sisters!


     With Bethany being a professional in the hair and make-up industry, and Brittany being a professional in the massage, nutrition, and esthetics industries, these sisters have always had a knack for helping others look and feel their very best.  SJ Complexion was created to be an extension of this expertise, and to hopefully reach a much wider audience.  Bethany and Brittany want everyone to be happy and confident from the inside, out.  They want you to LOVE YOUR COMPLEXION!


"I have always wanted to have a business with my sister.  We have very similar yet very different professions, but I think that is what makes us the perfect business partners for our brand!  Helping women feel beautiful, confident, healthy, youthful, relaxed, etc. is our goal, and we couldn't be more excited about offering our fantastic products to the world.  From our skincare devices to our skincare/makeup accessories, and to what our stores amazing future holds, we are dedicated to ensuring that YOU take selfcare seriously. 

I am a wife, a mom, and a multi-business owner.  I love every single one of those "titles", and I work hard at every one of them, but I find that often I must slow-down and take some time for myself.  Everyone should take some time to reset and relax.  "Me Time" with some at home skincare or just taking time to put on a fresh face of makeup is just what the mind, body, and soul needs.  I think this aspect of our business is my favorite!  I want people to feel beautiful, confident, AND fulfilled."

Bethany, Co-founder of SJ Complexion


"Having the opportunity to run a business with my sister is a dream come true!  We have both been in and/or around the beauty industry for many years, and we are thrilled to bring our vision for SJ Complexion to you!  My passion for overall health and wellness has helped me view the inner core of what self-care is all about.  Being a mom to a wild little boy and helping others relax and unwind, as a massage therapist, keeps me eager and ready for my own "space" to re-center and regenerate.  Our products are the perfect addition to my self-care, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!!  SJ Complexion is so special to me.  It creates more time with my sister AND we get to help others look, feel, and exude beauty and confidence."

Brittany, Co-founder of SJ Complexion