• ACHIEVE CLEAN AND TREATED SKIN ALL IN ONE PACKAGE!   This bundle contains 1 Complexion Cleansing Brush and 1 Complexion Treatment Wand

  • The Cleansing Brush can be used with any face cleanser to gently and thoroughly remove makeup, oils, and dirt from your face and neck

  • The Treatment Wand combines LED light therapy, radio frequency therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and sonic vibration.  A fantastic skincare tool that does it all!  

  • Both devices come with USB chargers

  • Safe, gentle, and effective for all skin!


“Skincare is always evolving, and the more it evolves, the more I am fascinated and intrigued by it!  Our skin is so unbelievably fragile, and its care is very important.  SJ Complexion wants nothing more than to help everyone feel confident and beautiful.  Radiant, clear, youthful, and healthy skin is always in style!”


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Achieve the BEST SKIN with our Complexion Bundle!

1 Complexion Cleansing Brush AND 1 Complexion Treatment Wand!

The Complexion Cleansing Brush is a silicone brush with AMAZING skin cleaning ability!  This brush provides a gentle exfoliation and is wonderful for all skin types, even sensitive skin.  The ultrasonic deep cleansing technology is what every person needs for maximum relaxation and a deep clean.  It provides gentle exfoliation, cleans pores, and massages the skin.  The brush is also waterproof! 

The Complexion Treatment Wand is a non-invasive facial device that offers a plethora of skin benefits.  The wand offers LED Light Therapy, Radio Frequency Therapy, EMS Therapy, and heated Sonic Vibration.  All of these features helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines, prevent premature aging, soften dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and aids in clearing up blemishes.  Everyone loves a good facial, so why not treat yourself at home?!?

Not only are you getting the best skincare devices, but you are saving more!  Clean skin and treated skin are game changers, so don't miss this great deal!

-Orders can take 2-3 days to process.  Once payment is received and order is packaged it will ship.  Shipping takes approximately 2-6 days for the US and 4-10 days for Canada. 

-SJ Complexion offers a 60 day money back guarantee

NOTE: Please allow 2-3 weeks for holiday shipping

Q:  What makes the Complexion Cleansing Brush superior over other brush cleansers on the market?

A:  Most brush cleansers have rotating heads that can tug and pull on the skin, while our cleansing brush is gentle and massages the skin to cleanse it.  Brush cleansers are also impossible to thoroughly clean and disinfect, while our cleansing brush is made of silicone, is waterproof, and can be completely cleaned without the fear of bacteria growth. 

Q:  What cleanser should I use with the Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A:  Any foam, gel, or liquid facial cleanser can be used with the Cleansing Brush.  We recommend removing makeup before the use of the Cleansing Brush to ensure the most optimal cleanse.

Q:  How often should I use the Complexion Cleansing Brush?

A:  The Complexion Cleansing Brush is gentle enough to use daily.  Morning and/or night.  

Q:  How often should I use the Complexion Treatment Wand?

A:  It is recommended to use the Treatment Wand at least 3x per week.  However, it can be used every day, just be sure to allow 24 hours in between sessions.

Q:  What product needs to be used with the Complexion Treatment Wand?

A:  You must make sure that your skin is moisturized with a thin layer of any water based serum, moisturizer, cream, or gel.  Water based products help the treatment to penetrate the skin better for the best treatment.

Customer Benefits

  • Safe, gentle, painless, and effective beauty treatments at your home - just like spa treatments.

  •  60 day money back guarantee and a customer support team always there to answer any questions you might have.

  • Are you a skincare beginner?  Great!  Are you a skincare veteran?  Wonderful!  Our products fit into anyone and everyone's skincare routine/regimen!

How To Use

Step 1: Cleansing the skin

Remove makeup and/or dirt before using the Complexion Cleansing Brush.  Wet the Cleansing Brush (can be used in the shower!), apply a facial cleanser, choose your vibration preference, and clean away!  Enjoy the massage and gentle exfoliation!  Once the automatic shut-off occurs OR once you feel clean, rinse your face and continue with your serums, masks, treatments, moisturizers, etc.

Step 2: Treatment time!

Once your face and neck are cleansed, it is time to use the Complexion Treatment Wand for your skin treatment(s).  Apply a water-based serum, cream, or gel to your face and neck.  You can either choose to treat your whole face/neck, one section at a time, or just treat spot certain areas.  It's all up to you!  Hold down power button to turn on device.  Use buttons to choose your preferred LED light setting and your preferred current intensity setting.  Apply wand to your face and move gently to massage skin.  A 10-15 minute treatment is recommended (automatic shut-off at 15 minutes), but any amount of time is beneficial.

Step 3: Clean, treated skin is accomplished!  

Complexion Treatment Wand Benefits

LED settings:

-Blue Light - Anti-acne - Eliminates acne causing bacteria
-Red Light - Anti-aging - Combats wrinkles and increases collagen production
-Green Light - Skin Balancer - Balances oil vs moisture production 
-Cyan Light - Skin Soother - Calms and sooths irritated skin.  Helps release stress and reduce skin tension
-Yellow Light - Redness Reducer - Alleviates redness from inflammation and rosacea.  Also effective in treating hyperpigmentation
-Purple Light - Cell Rejuvenation - Stimulates lymphatic drainage and increases cell regeneration
White Light - Skin Relaxer - Heals skin cells to restore and achieve healthier skin

RF, EMS, and Sonic Vibration:

-Radio Frequency therapy uses energy waves to produce heat, which stimulates the production of collagen and tightens skin.

-Electrical Muscle Stimulation can help to brighten skin complexion, improve skin elasticity. and reduce wrinkles by increasing blood flow to the facial cells.

-Sonic Vibration improves blood flow and lymph circulation, as well as offers a wonderful facial massage.

1000+ customers love this product and rated it 4 stars or more! 

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