Complexion Treatment Wand
Complexion Treatment Wand
Complexion Treatment Wand
Complexion Treatment Wand
Complexion Treatment Wand

Complexion Treatment Wand

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The Complexion Treatment Wand is a non-invasive facial device that offers a plethora of skin benefits.  The wand offers LED Light Therapy, Radio Frequency Therapy, EMS Therapy, and heated Sonic Vibration.  All of these features helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines, prevent premature aging, soften dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and aids in clearing up blemishes.  Everyone loves a good facial, so why not treat yourself at home?!?

The intensity of the Complexion Treatment Wand can be changed to suit your needs, as well as the LED light setting, in order to treat your skin correctly for your specific skin concerns.  A treatment at least 3x per week for a length of 10-15 minutes is recommended.  Use a water-based gel, serum, or moisturizer with the treatment wand in order to receive the full skin benefits from this device.  This treatment is what your skin has been waiting for!

Everyone's #1 treatment wand!


LED Light Settings

BLUE Wavelength - 415nm

- Anti-acne: Eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reduces acne, and calms sensitive skin.

 RED Wavelength - 630nm

- Anti-aging: Combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for smoother, younger looking skin.

GREEN Wavelength - 525nm

- Skin Balancer: Helps to normalize sebaceous glands. Balances oil vs moisture production and also Reduces hyperpigmentation.

 CYAN Wavelength - 490nm

- Skin Soother: Calms and soothes irritated skin and reduces swollen capillaries. Helps release stress and reduce skin tension.

YELLOW Wavelength - 590nm

- Redness Reducer: Alleviates redness from inflammation and rosacea. Effective in treating hyperpigmentation as well as smoothing scars.

 PURPLE Wavelength - 390nm

- Cell Rejuvenation: Stimulates lymphatic drainage and increases cell regeneration.

 WHITE-MIX Wavelength

- Skin Relaxer: Provides relaxation and anti-aging effects. Heals skin cells to restore healthier skin.